Call For Participants: Seminar „Save Our Planet“ in Ljubljana

We are aware that in today’s society with the advancement of the internet, web-based media and the overload of information present a challenge. The issue is painfully evident when we wish to inform ourselves on a specific topic and there is a plethora of information that might not be truthful, correct, scientifically proven, or even misguiding and we should be able to navigate through it all. The challenge is even bigger for young people.

The effect of not knowing what is right, what is wrong, true, and false might push many young people away.

Therefore a part of our role in the NGO sector is to support young people and encourage their critical thinking while helping them to develop filters through which they objectively select information and interpret them in a way so they can make an educated and informed decision.

The project „Save Our Planet“ empowers youth workers as well as organizations.

It focuses on effective communication strategies for climate change and sustainable development for young people.

Participants in this activity should be:
● youth workers or other relevant individuals that work with youth
● required age of the participants is 18+
● previous knowledge on the topics of climate change and sustainable development is not a requirement but can be helpful
● have motivation and interest to work on the subjects of climate change and sustainable development with youth

The activities we want to carry out are directly linked to the profile of the participants.
1. The first phase revolves around acquiring new knowledge in the field of climate change.
2. The second phase will focus on effective communication strategies and how to better approach young people. In the third phase we will shift our focus to critical thinking and how to encourage it in our local communities.
4. The fourth phase will revolve around inviting different relevant stakeholders and show how to effectively advocate for change.

5. In the last, fifth phase we will evaluate the project and suggest follow-up activities.

If you are interested in participating in this seminar, please fill out the following FORM, not later than the 22nd of June.  

You can download the info pack Save our planet – infopack to learn more about this seminar.