18. 1. 2022.

Smernice za najbolje dostupne prakse i tehnologije za uvođenje koncepta nula otpada na lokalnom nivou

Inženjeri zaštite životne sredine (EEG) iz Novog Sada (SRB) su zajedno sa Centrom za energiju, okolinu i resurse  (Cener 21) iz Sarajeva (BiH) radili na izradi dokumenta Smernice za najbolje dostupne prakse i tehnologije za uvođenje koncepta nula otpada na lokalnom nivou, u okviru projekta „Opštine sa nula otpada“ koji finansira Evropska unija u sklopu […]

20. 12. 2021.

Evropska unija podržala povezivanje interesnih strana u sektoru upravljanja otpadom u prekograničnom području Srbije i Bosne i Hercegovine

U okviru projekta Opštine sa nula otpada, finansiranog od strane Evropske unije kroz IPA program prekogranične saradnje Srbija – Bosna i Hercegovina 2014 – 2020, 16. i 17. decembra 2021. godine održana je konferencija Brojimo do nula – Opštine sa nula otpada. Bila je to prva od dve planirane konferencije, koje za cilj imaju promociju […]

15. 12. 2021.

Sastanak sa predstavnicima Opštine Krupanj i JKP “1. Maj”

Predstavnici Inženjera zaštite životne sredine su 14.12.2021. godine posetili Opštinu Krupanj, u okviru projekta „Opštine sa nula otpada“. Na sastanku su se sastali sa predstavnicima Opštine Krupanj i JKP „1. Maj“, kako bi zajedno prošli kroz sve obaveze i odgovornosti Sporazuma o saradnji za obe strane. Na sastanku je dogovoreno da je za Opštinu Krupanj […]

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About us


Serbia is a country of a healthy and safe environment whose citizens actively contribute to its protection and improvement.


Improving the environmental protection system in Serbia through the dissemination of knowledge, concrete activities, and public advocacy.


Environmental Engineering Group brings together all people who want to contribute to the mission and vision, respecting the principles and values ​​that we nurture and develop.

In 2005, founders of the Environmental Engineering Group found the inspiration in need to give a clear and concrete contribution to reducing the harmful impacts of people on the environment and the application of knowledge and energy for achieving sustainable development in Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia, Europe and the world.

The philosophy of work of the Environmental Engineering Group relies on the letter of the Indian Chief Seattle from 1854, which is a manifestation of spiritually superior natives over conquerors with their primitive approach to the Mother Nature.

Special place in the organization have professional environmental engineers and experts of similar professions who are the backbone of the work of the organization.

All the activities that are being implemented must have expert approach and clear positive effects on the environment, because only in this way can we support the development of a sustainable society we aspire to.

In the beginning and the first decade of the work of Environmental Engineering Group, the key impact has Alliance for Global Sustainability and Education, which was carried out by „Youth encounter on sustainability“, as well as the Regional Environmental Center and Education “Youth Environmental Leaders”.

The great importance for development of the organization had cooperation with the Faculty of Technical Sciences. Agreement on business and technical cooperation between the Faculty of Technical Sciences – Department of Environmental Protection and Environmental Protection Engineers was signed on September 23rd, 2009.

Since its inception, the organization has fostered partnerships with other stakeholders, individuals, institutions and donors. A professional attitude towards the undertaken obligations and efficient management of available resources led to the recognition of Environment Engineering Group as an organization that transforms its principles and values into concrete activities and programs, fulfilling the mission it has set and contributing to the vision of the society in which it wants to work.

The 10th anniversary of the work crowned the beginning of a long-term international partnership and the establishment of a Center for Rural Development and Applied Education, on the slopes of the National Park Fruska Gora in the village Jazak, near Vrdnik Spa.

A large number of friends, partners, associates, donors, media and institutions with whom Environmental Engineering Group have been cooperating and/or collaborating, since 2005 to the present, are the best confirmation of the commitment, persistence and correctness of the activities being implemented.

Environment Engineering Group is a place where all those who want to contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development are welcome. Join us!

Environment Engineering Group Motto:

“Think globally, act locally”