Call for the Conference “Erasmus+ opening the doors 2019”

The Conference „Erasmus+ opening door 2019“ is a continuation of the last year’s event, where organizations of the region gathered and discussed necessary steps for the improvement of Erasmus+ Youth Component for the Western Balkan countries.

It will be held from 17th to 19th July 2019 in Fruska Gora Mountain in Serbia.

Both events are part of the three-year project which is led by Environment Engineering Group and realized within the program “Novi Sad-European Youth Capital for 2019”.

The main activity in 2019 is the annual conference which will gather up to 50 representatives of youth organizations from six Balkan countries and decision makers in the European Union having a certain impact on the youth program. Aiming to establish structuring dialogue, networking, and synergistic influence, participants will work on the improvement of the position and opportunities for youth.

During the working day of the Conference, participating representatives will attend one of the three panels intended for discussions about three Erasmus+ Programme’s key actions:

  1. Key action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals
  2. Key action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
  3. Key action 3: Support for policy reform

Afterward, participants will jointly discuss recommendations and suggestions which will be announced for the public hearing on the platform This will be an opportunity to finalize needed requests before its release in Serbian, English, and Albanian languages.

Applications are opened and available through the following link: The Conference „Erasmus+ opening door 2019“ Application Form.

Deadline: 20th June 2019

Open to: representatives of youth organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo (According to UN Resolution 1244), Macedonia and Serbia who are actively involved in using the Erasmus+ Programme. Accommodation and food are fully covered by the organizer. Travel expenses will be reimbursed within the maximum amount of the return bus tickets. Upon the return, the original bus tickets have to be delivered to the organizer.

For more details, please contact the Environment Engineering Group: